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Will You Be One Of The Lucky Winners On PiccMee?

Prizes. Let’s put them out there front and center. While you can do all sorts of things to photos with different photo apps, PiccMee has an incentive for using its app that will always trump any editing or sharing feature: prizes. Lots of prizes.


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Taking pics and sharing them is fun, don’t get me wrong. But, winning prizes? I already see you waving your hands and yelling “Pick me!” or, should I say, “PiccMee!”


PiccMee, a social photo-sharing app, rewards users for posting pictures. It does so by choosing users at random. What’s more, it allows users to post photos into one or more of many categories and to vote on favorites – photos with the most votes after a timed voting period win prizes. Simple and fun, right?


We’re not talking boring gifts like extra storage space, either, but things like flat-screen TVs, tablets, smartphones, gift cards, hoverboards! and cashola. I don’t care how over social media sharing you might be, receiving free prizes never gets old – especially when you receive them without doing anything out of the ordinary. Just by using PiccMee, you put yourself in the running to score great prizes.


How serious is PiccMee about doling out awesome stuff? They’ve teamed up with celebrity rapper Fat Joe, who will both hang out with some lucky winners and personally drop off some prizes. PiccMee Co-founder and CEO Chase Turnquest told KillerStartups that, as the company grows, they plan to team with other celebrities and to offer bigger and bigger – even life-changing – prizes.


Not that it’s ALL about winning free stuff. According to Turnquest, “Our mission here at PiccMee is to put a smile on the world’s face and to bring happiness, joy, and fun to social media.”


PiccMee is available on Google Play and the App Store. Though launched only on December 19th (at the height of the holiday season), the app already has over 10K downloads just on Google Play. Safe to say that PiccMee is off to a fantastic start in terms of pursuing their mission.


So, you could keep on posting your photos into whatever huge collections you’ve been using, cough-Instagram-cough, OR you might try PiccMee – where you can have the same fun sharing and commenting but also enjoy voting on photos and maybe winning incredible prizes. If you haven’t downloaded the app already, you can find out more at


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