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Phrays.comAny person devoted to creative writing is always looking into ways in which he could enrich his vocabulary, and the overall manner in which he expresses himself. That is only natural, in the same way that any soccer player worth his salt is always looking into was of hitting the ball more skillfully.

If that is what you do for a living and it really means something to you, then you have a duty to yourself. And in case you are a writer, this site will let you fine tune your skills for sure.

The basic premise of Phrays is to give users a different word each day, and have them create a memorable phrase with it. People then vote on the different submissions that are put forth by users and the winner is the one that amasses the biggest number of positive votes.

I think that the site should implement some kind of integration with social services, as it feels a little islanded as it is right now. I know, you can already tweet phrases. But I see no reason why you shouldn’t post them to Facebook, and that would make quite a difference. I hope to see that implemented before too long. In Their Own Words

“Today’s word is…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who like writing and/or do it for a living will be given a good chance to stay sharp through something like this.

Some Questions About

Where do the featured words come from? Who picks them?