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PhotoUpz.comThere’s lots and lots of online tools for improving and enhancing photos. Sites like Pixenate, Splashup and Mugtug have always made it super-easy to turn any photo of yours into the kind to post on a site like Facebook or Flickr for all to see. Yet, even when there’s hundreds and hundreds of apps for having images edited right on your browser, there’s still a good couple of operations that are tricky to pull off. Take removing objects and /or people from any image, for example. Even by conservative standards, that’s something we’d willingly do to one out of three pictures that we take. And there’s no easy way to do it. Unless you turn to a service like PhotoUpz, that is.

PhotoUpz lets you edit any photo of yours in ways that are certainly powerful and different. An application that you must buy and download, it lets you remove people, objects and parts of the scenery from any photograph. You can remove tourists that are making faces in the background, you can take away that unglamorous hot dog stand that spoils that great photo with the love of your life… and come to it, you can remove your ex from any photo. You don’t want to bin the only photo you have at the Leaning Tower of Pisa just because “that” person is next to you. Using PhotoUpz, you’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments until your image is usable again. In Their Own Words

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Is there a web tool for doing this, as opposed to an application you must download to your computer?