– Online Community of Photographers is a community of photographers and photography enthusiasts, ranging from amateurs to working professionals.`s members may critique photos that have been submitted by other users and may also submit their own photos for review by the community. is designed to be self-maintaining. The worthiness, or unworthiness, of photos and critiques submitted by users is determined by the user community. Users have the opportunity to comment, favorably or unfavorably, on photos and on critiques submitted by other users. In addition to the editorial control exerted by the community via the rating system, photoSIG itself also attempts to encourage high-quality critiques by only allowing critiques that conform to photoSIG’s quality standard to affect a photographer’s rating. In Their Own Words

“PhotoSIG opened to the public on December 7, 2001. It is the sister site to artSIG, but while artSIG covers all types of visual art, photoSIG deals exclusively with photography.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

In this website you don’t need to sign in to browse, but you will need to sign in if you want to submit your own photos, enter critiques, or participate in discussion boards. You must have an account and be signed in to submit a photo. It is a fantastic website really interesting, full of different kinds of accurate imagines. The site is really well organized and design, users will be able to browse their needs very easy and quick, since everything is divided into categories, several of which are the following: browse by format, by lens, by scanner, by paper, by assignment, and by digital among others. Anyone can become a Basic of member free of charge.

Some Questions About

How are they planning to compete with so many other great websites offering users the very same services?