– A Photo Recommendation Service

Photoree.comThe dilemma of choice. At times there are so many things to choose from, that you just don’t’ quite know where to start.

Photoree is here to aid, at least in the photo department. It’s an advanced recommendation system for photographs. Photoree studies and adapts to your preferences, giving you the photos that best match your taste. Here’s a quick run down of how it works: registering is the obvious first step; from there Photoree will create your very own personal filter—you’re shown a stream of photos which require your rating; of course the more you rate, the better the algorithm will perform when searching for your particular type of photograph. All rated photos are included into your favorites gallery; most are licensed under Creative Commons, so you can use the images on your blog or website, or simply browse through them for fun. Once you’ve rated enough images, you’ll be offered stats, comparing your tastes with those of others. Those with similar prefs can be added to your contact list and then keep track of the photos they add. In Their Own Words

“Discover thousands of interesting photos!
Photoree is to photos what is to music and StumbleUpon to websites.
It intelligently adapts to your preferences and taste,
recommending you the best images that may interest you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Photoree has the advantage of being simple and streamlined. It would be quite a boon for those in need of images, whether it be for a blog, a website, or a project. The site’s algorithm makes it easy for users to focus on one subject, letting Photoree do most of the work.

Some Questions About

Will Photoree develop partnerships with other popular photo sharing sites to expand its base? How will it gain traction? Are picture licenses clearly stated?