Photojojo Has Created The Ultimate Nostalgia Photo App


Today’s Killer Startup: Photojojo



Elevator Pitch:

Photojojo is a “disposable camera app” that turns your iPhone into an old-school camera, complete with physical prints.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

If there’s one thing us Millennials love, it’s nostalgia. Buzzfeed has practically built their empire on that fact, with listicles about ‘90s TV shows and like, troll dolls. Don’t lie: You know you’ve contributed a couple hundred of those clicks yourself.


Nostalgia apps are also all the rage right now, whether they’re bringing you back to the ‘90s through music or mimicking old technologies. Instagram is obviously a great example – their filters harken back to a time before digital images when our imperfections were smoothed over by the Polaroid shot.


The author captured on Polaroid in her college days.


But Instagram lets you both preview and edit your photos, something that was definitely not an option back in the day. Photojojo takes the nostalgia to the next level, by not only not letting you see what your pics look like but by sending you actual prints in the mail.


It’s that sense of surprise that is totally lacking from today’s pics that Photojojo brings back to users. The real prints thing is actually something I’ve been thinking a lot about – I love looking at my mom’s old photo albums, but my future children will probably… flip through mine on some kind of telescreen? Actual physical photos are a whole different thing that I think we actually value more, inherently, than digital images – the fact that Photojojo makes it super easy to get them is great.


So yeah, I’m a sucker for nostalgia just as much as the rest of you are. I’m practically tearing up just thinking about those white packages from Kodak that my mom used to get in the mail (after she finally got around to developing her film). The thought of getting little packets of my own is too sweet to resist.



Take your #selfies old school with @Photojojo’s disposable camera app!


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