– Community For Photographers is a photo forum and social community that can be joined for free, and where one can become acquainted with photographers from all over the world. People who register for an account can message each other and exchange tips both on the newest equipment that has become available, and on these techniques that they favor. Of course, they can also share all the latest photographs they’ve taken among themselves – the site has a gallery that makes for sharing photos in just a couple of clicks. And just as importantly, it lets photographers share them without having to make significant compromises as far as quality goes. also has a really appealing (and ever-growing) collection of articles. With titles such as “How to Become a Street Photographer” and “Preparation Is the Key to Great Nature Photos”, these are sure to let newcomers master the art of photography that much faster, while also giving experienced photographers a chance to finally perfect their artistic skills.

And the site also recommends books (in the “Book Of The Month” section), showcases vendors and lets users post their very own classifieds in order to get rid of the equipment they no longer need, and start making room for the one they’re keen on getting (not to mention generating an actual income by selling such items off). In Their Own Words

Photography forum, gallery and social community open to all photographers. Site provides users with new photography articles daily, photography tips, free classifieds and above all ability to interact with other photographers. See on Spike TV Oct 8th and 9th.

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