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Photographers: Find And Advertise Top Quality Workshops With Camyam

Photography is an art and a craft. Everyone in the world thinks they’re taking great pics on their little iPhone cameras — myself included, sometimes — until they have an experience like one I had recently. A friend came to visit from out of town with his girlfriend, who is a professional photographer. I live in Antigua Guatemala, which is a highly photogenic city, and her photos exposed my shots for what they were: amateur.


Photographers know that they need to study and study hard in order to perfect their craft. They go to school and they take hundreds of thousands of pictures in order to get really good at it. Even folks who don’t choose to go the traditional education route often find themselves at some point in their careers looking for some guidance. Maybe there’s a new technique they want to learn, or an artist they really admire and would like to study under. Maybe they’re just ready to up their game. Regardless of the reason, those people should turn to Camyam.


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Camyam is a new site that lists photography workshops around the world. Interested photographers can browse offerings from Egypt to Guatemala, in workshops held by veteran photographers. The courses are great for people who live in each place, but also an awesome excuse to not only boost your professional skills but to get out and see the world.


Want to learn about color while photographing the Mayan people of the incredible Lake Atitlán? Check out Rene de Carufel’s one week workshop. Interested in exploring the architecture of Cairo? Don’t miss the Egypt Photo Tour with Camyam founder Yaser Wassef.


“We are ecstatic to bring Camyam to the market to solve two immediate problems,” Wassef told KillerStartups. “The first is to help photography enthusiasts easily find photography workshops that interest them globally, that fit their budgets and timeframes. Second, Camyam empowers professional photographers, wherever they may be, to setup shop quickly and promote their workshops with no investment beyond time, creativity and enthusiasm.”


And that’s the flip side of why Camyam is a great site. Not only do they help professional photographers improve their skills, they also help professional photographers make money, which anyone knows can be a difficult prospect when you’re an artist. Anyone who’s prepared to teach a course can put out the shingle, so to speak, on Camyam’s site. You don’t need to know any coding or design — the Camyam templates take care of all that for you.


Finally, Camyam is an excellent hub for people trying to get the word out about their workshops and for people searching for workshops. Rather than being dispersed all over the internet, Camyam provides a central hub for photography enthusiasts. If you’re looking to make a little extra money — or looking to boost your skills — head over to their site and get started today.


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