– Exchange Photos Online

PhotoEscrow.comIt is a quick and easy way to share your photo anonymously with someone else on the web (think Craigslist personals). It doesn’t require login and the photo stays private (is not posted online).

What’s more–the photo is virtually impossible to download. PhotoEscrow is a safe and secure way to trade pictures online. You control who sees your picture and for how long, nobody can download your picture, and you don’t have to give your email address out. In Their Own Words

“PhotoEscrow is great for online dating, adult profiles, online flirting, and whenever you need to trade pics without actually giving your photo or email address out.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People are weary of posting their photos online or sharing them with strangers. PhotoEscrow allows users to control who sees their photo and to protect if from being posted somewhere else. It’s perfect for casual online dating sites such as Craigslist.

Some Questions About

Isn’t this system a bit uncomfortable for users?