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Photobleep.comIf you are just getting started in the world of photography and you are looking for a secure platform to have your work hosted and sold online, then this startup is a really good alternative. It has just been unveiled by its creator, and it stands as a supple way to have photos hosted and transacted online. People like you (IE, photographers) can have their own content listed online upon creating a free account, and everybody from individual users to photography agencies that are looking for the newest talent will be able to access it. Transactions are ruled by a friendly license that benefits both the person (or agency) which is actually buying the photo, and the original photographer. And Photobleep pays commissions of up to 80 % of the sales conducted through it.

Design-wise, the site adheres to the structure that stock photography sites always observe, what with users being able to see the newest pictures that are part of the catalog at a glance. Yours will be there for a while, too, so be ready to enjoy your moment. In Their Own Words

PhotoBleep is an in-house business of one person. PhotoBleep started as a personal portfolio to sell my photos.It 9is large quantity of people asking if they can upload their photos then I decided to put my hands on a keyboard and start coding a complete and feature rich stock photography service. Several days doing a very hard work (and around 20 hours per day) gave this system as a result

Why It Might Be A Killer

It stands as a cost-effective way to have photos marketed online.

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What else can be sold through the site? What is planned?