KillerStartups – Polaroid Revived

Photo-Notes.netPolaroid photos are all but long and gone. This the digital age, after all, and those clean lined, kitsched out affairs seem to hold no ground amongst our empire of tiny, pocket sized digital cameras.

However, nostalgia’s likely to kick in, it always does, and this being also an age of mashups and revivals, we now have PhotoNotes. PhotoNotes is Polaroid 2.o. It combines the popular pastimes of photo sharing and messaging. It works like this: first, upload a photo, or pick one from the assortment they’ve got site. Next, choose a rotation, straight or slightly off kilter to the right or left. After that, choose an ink color and jot out your message—you’re limited to 50 characters. Finally preview the thing and ship it off to all your pals. In Their Own Words

“Email personal, online, PolaroidTM-style notes to your friends and loved ones!
This web app is a personal project in beta and the manifestation of some recently conjoured up ideas. It is a free service for people who like free services for fun and messaging.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is quite simply a fun and catchy little app. It’s got the whole digital meet analog vibe going and it’s bound to work up oodles of nostalgic feelings, which will have people in adulations over it.

Some Questions About

This would work well as a Facebook app, any such plans in the works? Some photos tend to come out looking worse for the wear—this definitely needs work. Could use more customization options, for instance, more fonts and more colors to choose from, and perhaps effects—black and white, sepia, etc.

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