Photo/Image Viewer Phot-Awe Is Here To Help You Make Sense Of Your Thousands Of Photos

If you’re anything like me, and almost certainly if you’re a millenial, you have thousands of photos spanning at least three different devices (and let’s not even talk about defunct ones). From trips abroad to selfies to nights out with friends and more, most folk have more photos than they know what to do with – at least in terms of organizing them. It can be irritating and time consuming to try to find a specific photo under those circumstances, making a good photo/image viewer app necessary. Enter Phot-Awe.

Phot-Awe, which launched in 2017 and is currently in beta, is a photo/image viewer app designed to help you make sense of those thousands of photos you have on your PC, phone, camera, and other devices, allowing your to spend time enjoying your photos rather than searching for them.


Phot-Awe’s photo/image viewer app has tons of cool and useful features, including:

WORLD MAP – You’ve taken tens of thousands of photos, but do you remember where you were for each one? I know I often forget where and when a photo was taken. Phot-Awe allows users to take a virtual trip around the globe using their photos, which are grouped by location on the map.

NO WASTED SPACE – One thing that stands out: Phot-Awe has combined having a main photo with seeing surrounding photos at the same time. In addition, users can turn off anything they don’t want to view, at any time, from the toolbar.

MARKING – You can easily mark the photos you like best as favorites and/or rate them.

TIMELINE – Don’t remember when you’ve taken some of your best photos? Phot-Awe creates a virtual timeline, starting from your first photo and continuing up to the present day.

GROUPING -Phot-Awe groups your photos into dates when you’ve been photo-active. For each such group, they show you the number of photos you’ve taken, which you can further expand or view directly.

SYNCHRONIZING – If you’ve taken lots of photos on your phone/tablet/camera, and want to view them all in the same place, Phot-Awe can make that happen. While Phot-Awe is running, just plug your device in via USB, and Phot-Awe will automatically synchronize your photos. It’s a smart process, so next time it won’t copy what has already been synchronized.

ZOOM –Phot-Awe offers a zoom function that allows users to simply hover over the main photo and it’ll show you the zoomed content on the right, which means no more overlapping of the zoomed area. You can even change the main photo, or go to another page, Zoom will still work!”

HASHTAGS – Phot-Awe allows users to add hashtags to photos, and once you’ve used a hashtag once, it’ll autocomplete it for you as you type it in the future. Additionally, Phot-Awe has automatic tagging, allowing it to automatically find dogs, cats, lakes, buildings and such, using Tensorflow from Google.

PINNING -Pinning allows you to easily select several photos from anywhere on your PC, no matter what filter is currently set. It’s a convenient way to select several Photos from anywhere on your PC. And yes, it’s it remembers the pinned photos when you restart the app. As a bonus, pinning works on the World Map as well!”

FILTERING – You can use the toolbar to search for #tags or locations, or just click on the “Filter” button. Once you apply the filter, it will show, on each folder, how many of the photos matched it out of how many total. Click on any folder, and it will narrow the search to that folder.

SORTING -SORTING – By default, Phot-Awe sorts your photos by time, but allows you to customize sorting based on folder name, time, favorites, etc. And, you can select several sorting columns at once.

SMART SLIDESHOW – Phot-Awe couldn’t be a photo/image viewer without a slideshow feature. By default, it will change the Photo every 2 seconds, but moving the mouse to the right increases the speed up to 0.5s, and moving the mouse to the left decreases the speed.

How It Works

If you’re interested in a first-hand look at how Phot-Awe works without committing to downloading it, check out their video:


You can currently download Phot-Awe for free as an .msi setup kit if they have Windows 7 or above, or as an Application from the Microsoft store if you are running a Windows 10 device.



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