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Use the website’s simple service to upload and publish your own podcasts and phonecasting channels to the world’s podcasting community. offers a free account and up to 250 megs of free hosting space. Phonecasting’s patent pending phone number assignment service is dead simple; publishers can assign their podcast a vanity phone number that allows listeners to hear the latest podcast from any phone.

To try this feature go to the main page, input your xml feed in the field box and press “Get Phone Number”. You’ll see your podcasts vanity phone number displayed. Create podcasts by phone from virtually anywhere in the world dialing phonecastings toll free numbers. You can use the in browser record option in your phonecasting admin if you have a microphone plugged in to your computer. Phonecasting services are available for corporate clients and include a content delivery network offering ingestion, trans coding, archiving, hosting, distribution, vanity phone numbers and unlimited RSS channels. Publishers are able to share, sell and monetize podcasts, music, photos and video clips, all part of the family of services. The phonecasting web site offers extra features such as sharing your text news with the community and the rest of the world through the Phonecasting Global News component. In Their Own Words

“Publishers, your media can now be made available to over 2 billion phones worldwide. We intend to bring you cutting edge services and options that allow you to monetize your content giving you new solutions for creating revenue from your labor of love.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

In these days, half the world has a cell phone. With this website, anyone with a cell phone or a landline can create and monetize their content on the fly and distribute to the world through the phonecasting platform. Phonecastings ad engine is in essence a patent pending audio Google toolset allowing sponsors to easily create ads that help publishers monetize their content.

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There are some pages of the website that are not updated, are they planning to regularize this problem?