Take Full Control Over Your Phone Numbers, With Shuffle

Remember back in the day when you had a home phone and a work phone? Maybe, if you were lucky, there were multiple lines in your home, but it’s more likely that the entire family plus the internet all shared one line. These days, the phone situation looks a lot different, right? Everyone has their own phone and they do everything on that one phone, from work calls to personal calls to accessing their email. But what if you don’t want every person from every aspect of your life to know your phone number? Do you have to a buy a whole new phone with a whole new phone plan?


Nope — you can get Shuffle. Shuffle is “a number for every occasion.” It lets you create disposable phone numbers and email aliases, so that you don’t have to share all of your personal deets with people that you’d really rather didn’t have that info. The numbers have US or Canadian area codes and come with voice calls, text and picture messaging, and a voice mailbox. Shuffle is also the only disposable phone number service that offers an email-forwarding alias along with their numbers, which is pretty awesome.


The best part? Every number is accessible on the phone that you already have, so there’s no need to buy new hardware. You can shuffle between numbers with just a tap, keeping your personal life separate from your work life – and ensure that the buyer for your car who found you on Craigslist doesn’t have your actual number. You can also delete numbers if you don’t want to communicate with the people who have them anymore or if they’ve been compromised by telemarketers or spammers.


Shuffle reserves each number for a month, at which point it will auto renew, or you can cancel it. Either way, the service won’t set you back much, as Shuffle is committed to transparent and affordable pricing. They don’t do the whole credit model that most phone services use because, think about it: Do you really know what each call and text is costing you? Instead, they deduct service fees from your account balance for every number, voice call, text message, and email forwarding transaction. That means you only get charged for the things that you actually do, with a small markup for their fee. Sometimes they don’t even mark it up at all but simply cover their own cost.


Want a little more detail? Each number costs only $1.99 per month, calls in cost $0.01 per minute, calls out come in at $0.03 per minute. It gets even cheaper if you make Shuffle-to-Shuffle calls, which cost only $0.0025 per minute. If you want to know the costs of their other services, including texts, picture messaging, and email aliases, you can find out more here.


“Shuffle offers users a flexible, smart communication solution at extremely low rates,” founder Craig Collett told KillerStartups. “We address the need for personal privacy where individuals take on different identities in today’s complex and interconnected social and business lifestyle.”


Ready to give the separate parts of your life their own phone numbers? Tired of paying inflated fees for calls? Get Shuffle!


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