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Pholiofy.comIf you’ve ever tried to create of an eye-catching Facebook page only to fail miserably, then that’s no reason to feel despondent. Not everybody is born a savvy marketer. And (the truth be said) not everybody can become one. Yet, that’s nothing to worry about either. Companies like Pholiofy turn the creation of appealing Facebook pages into something that even people with inexistent marketing skills could find a way around.

Pholiofy can be defined as a paid application that lets individuals and all kinds of organizations have branded messages, campaigns and promotional coupons posted on Facebook. It’s all done via WordPress, no less – all the complications one could smash his head against when dealing with FBML are conspicuous by their absence here. And users can come up with something that is going to be Google and SEO friendly, too.

The pages that can be created using Pholiofy can include videos, polls and Twitter streams, and it’s also possible to add fan gates and enable those who like them to see deals and related information.

And Google Analytics can be added to Pholiofy pages, so that figuring out how having created one such page is actually driving more traffic to a site can be easily ascertained. In Their Own Words

For brands, bands or businesses, companies, causes or communities, Pholiofy is a Facebook Pages application that easily publishes your latest campaign, promotional coupons, or branded messaging into your Facebook Page through WordPress.

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How is this better than thruSocial or ShortStack?