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Unsure How To Measure Marketing’s Impact? Get Phala Data

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.”


Duke Ellington was talking about music in the lyric of his jazz standard, but he could just as well have been talking about marketing – all the effort, all the money, all those pretty sounds directed toward customers, don’t mean anything if they don’t result in an upswing in revenue.


But how can you be sure? How do you measure your marketing, and tie it together with your sales?


Phala Data looks to take marketing technology to another level by providing “insight-based business metrics that measure marketing’s impact on the business.”


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How do they do this? They have their own Marketing Influenced Revenue Indicator™ (MiRi), an analytic platform that accounts for data from the very beginning all the way to the very end of marketing efforts – across all the various tools in play, in order to create a clear vision of exactly how marketing is impacting the bottom line.


Business, sales, marketing: when they fall out of alignment, the entire business suffers. Phala Data generates a crystal clear picture of all three and how they are related to one another. So, business owners no longer need to scratch their heads wondering how they’re connected or need to hire a team of data scientists to interpret information.


Instead, Phala Data brings actionable insights into direct focus so that business owners can make crucial adjustments to their business strategies, which of course translates into making more money.


What’s the real value of any marketing campaign? Seeing money come in tells part of the story, but understanding exactly what worked and what could be made to work better is key to building upon success. That data often proves elusive. Phala Data, on the other hand, lets no detail go by the wayside, scrutinizing marketing automation, CRM and ERP to create the most comprehensive picture of marketing influenced revenue.


Let’s be honest, everyone would like to learn about their business from data with less effort. There’s no shortage of analytic tools available online, but has any one tool adequately simplified the relationship between marketing and results to such an extent that it’s become the hands-down favorite tool?


Maybe that’s where Phala Data will fill in the gap. If you’re tired of throwing marketing dollars down the drain or chasing after key indicators but never really knowing if your spending your energy (and money) as wisely as you should, then take a look at


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