Show Off Your Fur Babies And Connect With Other Pet Lovers On Petbulb

Everyone has that friend who really, really loves their pets. You know the one: they might refer to their “fur baby” or only post pics of their cats or insist that their dog “just really loves you!” when it’s clambering all over you in the passenger seat and slobbering on your face. In case you can’t tell, I’m not one of those people myself, but the truth is, I’m really just jealous. My nomadic lifestyle makes it impossible to have pets, so I’ve become that person whose eyes go all mushy when I spot a puppy and who volunteers to check in on friends’ cats when they’re out of town.


So the online community for pet owners, Petbulb, isn’t for me right now, but I’m definitely going to recommend that a few of my friends check it out. Not only is it a spot to share pictures and stories about your fur babies with other people who are just as excited about their pets as you are, but you can also connect specifically with people who have a pet of your same breed. So, for example, say you have a pug and he’s having trouble breathing. (Common pug problem, right?) You can jump onto Petbulb and see what other pug owners recommend for helping your little smush-face breathe better.




Every member of Petbulb has a Pet Owner’s profile, which should be pretty self-explanatory in this age of Instagram and Facebook. However, Petbulb has the unique feature of letting you create a profile for each of your pets as well. The Pet Profile is then linked to the Pet Owner profile, with little pics of each animal right next to your own photo – so everyone knows exactly what type of animal owns your heart. The Pet Profile also makes it possible for you to keep track of all of your pet’s activities. Basically, you’re building an online presence for Fido!


If you’re more interested in connecting IRL than online, Petbulb also offers info about pet-related meet-ups in your area. Maybe you need a dog walking buddy, or you just want to make some new friends and know that you’ll have something to talk about with other cat lovers. Whatever the reason, Petbulb has you covered.


Petbulb has exclusive deals from local pet shops, which means you can splurge on that fancy organic dog food the next time you go shopping. They also offer reviews of pet shops, so you know the best stores in your area.


Petbulb is currently still in beta, but you can send an email requesting to be an early member of their community. They’re even offering a small percentage of the company to those of you who are interested in being early advisor. So if you can’t stop talking about your fur baby, head over and ask to be a part of a community of people just like you.


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