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Perssonas.comThere are a plethora of social networks online, and as a norm people tend to register for more than one at the same time. It turns out that checking them all for updates can be a little time consuming, so a web-based endeavor like perssonas can be a valuable ally.

Basically, through this site (whose title is based on the Spanish word from “people”, “personas”) you can access updates from all your social sites on one page. You not only save time, but do so in an inexpensive manner as Perssonas is a free service.

The site also includes both an “Active Groups” and an “Active People” category that will let you catch up with the latest buzz, whereas an elastic search tool will allow you to search for people, music and related topics.

Lastly, a blog is likewise part of the premises, and it is the place to go in order to inform yourself about new developments and the latest updates as regards this web-based initiative. In Their Own Words

“Perssonas makes it easy to keep up with what your friends are doing online at different sites, all in one place.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes social networking easier and suppler.

Some Questions About

What are the supported networks so far? Which others will be included eventually?