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PersonRatings.comAs this site points out, there are ratings sites for venues like restaurants and hotels, and also sites where people rate books, music albums and related pieces. That is why they came up with this site: an online resource where every American can be rated.

The one comparison that springs immediately to mind is that of social networking profiles. The difference, though, is that unlike a social networking profile a PersonRatings profile can be created by anyone, about anyone, and it is completely open to contributions from other internauts. The idea is to rate any adult American taking into account a wealth of qualities, and these range from intelligence to trustworthiness to all points in between like sex appeal, kindness and confidence.

Moreover, each profile comes complete with a biography section, a photo gallery and a message board that makes room for instant interaction and the exchange of opinions. The most popular profiles are actually highlighted on the main page, so that if you drop by the site you might as well find yourself staring back at you. In Their Own Words

“Rate & review any person.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers an interesting approach to online identities. Almost one-third of Google searches are for people. But despite this huge amount of search traffic, when you Google somebody, you usually get a bunch of directory listings and social networking pages. There is a large unmet demand for informative and entertaining content about people

Some Questions About

Will the project eventually branch out and cover other territories besides the United States of America?