How Do You Access High-End Vetted Creatives At Affordable Rates? Peritus.

I just had the most amazing time searching for a job. I spent joyful days filling out profiles and browsing online job boards loaded with extraordinary opportunities. Oh, and the interviews! What a treat to meet so many marvelous people. Waiting to hear back from potential employers, trying to bid for work against thousands of people – it’s like turning your career into a nonstop, exhilarating game!


Of course, no one ever has or ever will speak of the job search in this manner, because looking for work is always unpleasant, time consuming, and stressful. Repackage those job boards as prettily as you like. Underneath the ribbons and colorful paper you still have something that will never make anyone happy.


No, the only way to improve the process of looking for a job or recruiting is to remove the work involved entirely, to have projects brought to you – to have the right people for a job, and only the right people, chosen for you.


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Unlike the solutions that promise to simplify and quicken job searches, this system is not based in fantasy. Its name is Peritus.


Peritus is a platform that intelligently matches vetted creative professionals to exclusive projects within 48 hours.  At the moment, it is invite only, meaning it serves as a marketplace that pairs only top creatives – designers, developers, copywriters, etc. – with top digital agencies and innovative startups.


A proprietary system, known as HEX, relies on algorithms and a 6-point pairing process to match talent with project vacancies. Basically, technology allows Peritus to accurately measure creatives’ suitability for each job and to recommend professionals included in the group whose passions, interests, skills and availability (i.e. location) align with the hiring agency.


On The Busy Creator Podcast, Peritus founder Frank Truglio noted that the extensive indexing of creative pros sets the startup apart from other headhunting agencies and recruiting firms. Data allows the company to operate like a “special-ops team,” a highly tailored service that presents no more than five talents to an agency for any project.


Until now, few freelancers have discovered the freedom hinted at in their title. Flexible schedules and the ability to take on short-term assignments only liberate creatives if they manage to secure steady work (not to mention, attractive wages) with minimal effort. Peritus fits the needs of a job market veering rapidly toward freelance or independent contract work.


By joining the platform, professionals benefit from the prestige of exclusivity, which translates into more rewarding work. The right fitting projects take full advantage of their unique skill sets and personalities, helping them to realize their true value. Creatives also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with painless payment processing.


Likewise, companies enjoy privileged access to top talent that allows them to execute projects efficiently and on-demand. They are also spared paperwork, payment processing, project managing, and team syncing. Peritus sees to it that creatives are brought onboard seamlessly, letting partners stay agile without sacrificing quality.


Started in New York, Peritus has already expanded  to eight more cities: Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Copenhagen, London and Halifax.


Want top brands to come calling on you for work? Need to hire the best and the brightest without delay? See how Peritus can help you at


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