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Peqno.comIs your URL to long? People can’t memorize your address? This site offers you a way to minimize it. Peqno.


com is a new method that allows you to reduce or readdress your URL with a very simple and fast process. You will only need to paste the URL it in the box at the centre of main page and click in small. This way your long domain that may consist on several folders and subfolders will be reach with a very short Peqno address. In Their Own Words

“ is a simple and easy system based in web 2.0 that it allows to reduce or to redirect URL.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a very original way to finish with the long and complex addresses. By using Peqno, sole traders or even huge enterprise will be able to diminish their URL, making them easy to access, remember and as a consequence more efficient.

Some Questions About

The new URL will always need to be an extension of

Author : Steve Dixon

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