– A New Disposable Email Service

Pepbot.comIf you have never used a disposable email service before, this is as good a time as any other to get started. Pepbot makes it easy to get acquainted with the whole concept. It will let you get a ra[email protected] address that you can use to avoid being spammed.

And Pepbot comes with a very cool feature for the confirmation of links, IE one of the main motives people have for signing up for disposable inboxes in the first place. You see, Pepbot can take care of automatically scanning any incoming email and clicking on all the relevant links for you.

In this way, signing up for any new service is cut one step short. And while that step which is cut is nothing heinous, it is something that takes time you might not really have. When you use Pepbot, everything will take place in the same page, and it will be dealt with in a single move. In Their Own Words

Disposable Email Service on Steroids.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as disposable email services go, the automation features offered by Pepbot make it not only attractive but also functional.

Some Questions About

Will this service be further updated? Or is this as far as it is going?