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PeopleJar allows you to create detailed profiles of specific attributes in any field to be found or create and save targeted attribute-driven searches to express who you are specifically looking for. Whether you are an individual or an organization, looking to be found for what fits your skills or searching for others for social or professional reasons. Whether it is Running, Filmmaking, or Software Development, you will find a PeopleJar network you can relate to.

PeopleJar’s platform is user contribution driven. If you do not see a network or an attribute that can better describe your own profile or a skill you are trying to find someone by, you can contribute one.

PeopleJar allows flexible and non-restrictive, yet highly targeted search by any combination of such profile attributes related to any field of your interest to connect with others. In Their Own Words

“PeopleJar is a search platform for individuals and organizations to be found and find others by specific attributes for any interest or occupation.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It focuses on making new connections in specific fields (networks) by detailed and highly related attributes for social and professional purposes.