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Peoplefinders.comThe Personal Investigation Series Search Type Guide provides visitors with basic descriptions of searches and what types of information each of these searches yields.

Though their names may sound similar, not all people searches are alike. However, searching for people or property online shouldn’t be a guessing game, once a person truly understands a particular search, he or she is considerably more likely to get their desired results. Therefore, to help visitors understand the different search services that are offered, they present the Personal Investigation Series Search Type Guide. In Their Own Words

“With many different companies competing for people search business, they will try almost anything to get an edge. Therefore, many people search companies use different names for their searches to make themselves stand out more in search engines or appear to be using newer or different search technology. The result is often a jumbled mess that prevents customers from getting the search results that they were hoping for. However, at, we don’t believe in trying to utilize “smoke and mirrors” to sell our services because we want our customers to choose the search that is right for them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Looking for an old friend, lost love or former classmate? master database searches dozens of databases with billions of records to provide users with possible current contact information for the person they are searching for. It is always free to search. Find anyone, anywhere. enables users to search more than a billion public records and 12 databases to locate people using: white pages, public records, addresses, phone numbers, yellow pages, criminal records, background checks and sex offender registries.

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Does provides users with the possibility to look for an e-mail address of a person? Will users find this website appealing? How are they planning to attract new visitors? – Find Anyone, Anywhere


was i supposed to review this site or find my old boyfriends? I admit, is addictive and I got sidetracked by actually using the site. It was even more scary to look myself up and see that they knew every single place I have every lived in my adult life. is most often used to find old friends, but it can also be used to do a backround check, criminal record search, property finder, birth records, marriage&divorce records, bankruptcies, business, etc. Basically, your life is an open book to those who are really interested. The basic people finding search is free, but for a more detailed search (so is my ex married or not?) you have to pay a $39.95 fee for many of the services. For a really focused property search, however, it appears you only have to pay $9.95. Either way, the site has a plethora of information and is the place to turn to do investigative research. In Their Own Words

Looking for an old friend, lost love or former classmate? master database searches dozens of databases with billions of records to provide you with possible current contact information for the person you are searching for. It is always free to search.

You can also perform a people search on yourself. Search for yourself today.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Their tag line, “find anyone, anywhere” is truth in advertising. With billions of records at their fingertips, they can track down almost anyone if you have enough basic information about them. And, who doesn’t want to find an old classmate or beau? It’s hard to resist this site, and if you really want to find out public information about a person for business or personal use, this is the site to use. The format and design is easy to follow, and the results come up instantly. The site traffic is already incredibly high, so clearly this site is fulfilling a productive niche.

Some Questions About

I know there are other sites that offer similar services — what distinguishes this site? How many paying customers do they have per month or year? Do they have a business plan to increase marketing and accessibility of the site? Have they considered adding a search for emails, in addition to phone numbers (I know I would be more likely to email someone than call them; so if the service helped find emails they might double their traffic).