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Pennant.ccA new iPad app, Pennant is sure to hold baseball fans entranced. This application (which currently costs S 5) brings together all the information concerning teams and games from 1951 up to the present date. That is roughly about 100,000 different games. And their every play and incident is detailed by Pennant.

Of course, teams can be compared side by side. What good would this app be without such an option? Fans will be able to see all pitching and bating averages, and relive the history of their favorite teams and their nemeses.

Teams can be viewed by card, in a deck view or via an interactive map. And the controls for searching specific seasons and games are as obvious and easy-to-use as you could expect them to be.

And just to cover all bases (no pun intended, I swear! Pennant uses open data from Retrosheet along with statistical data that is culled from the Baseball Databank. In Their Own Words

Every team. Every game. Every play. 1951 to 2010.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you relive the history of your favorite team, and also narrate it to others that more easily.

Some Questions About

Any chance of a comparable app for sports like basketball or soccer?

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