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Pen.ioIs it me or a really pronounced anti-blogging tendency is on the rise? I mean, I have lost track of the numbers of applications that I have seen this week alone letting you post content online without having to cope with the technicalities that go hand in hand with running a blog. certainly falls into that category. It is an application that will let you type down whatever you want the world to know, and have it posted without even having to go through a registration process first. Talk about simplifying things to the extreme…

Actually, you (as the one creating the page) are given the chance to add a password to it. This will let you edit the page later on. And you also get to name the page itself, so that it is not assigned a random string of numbers and letters that would make it unfindable by others. But that is all you are asked to supply or disclose. In Their Own Words

Create beautiful text based pages in seconds and share them with the world.

Why It Might Be A Killer

People like unpublished writers will be able to use it to begin making their works known.

Some Questions About

Who else could benefit from such a platform?