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Pegshot.comA service which is available to those who have either an iPhone or an Android, Pegshot will empower them to share their current whereabouts with just anybody. That is, using Pegshot you can upload a picture or a video, have it geo-tagged, and share the information with your family and acquaintances.


Photos can be uploaded right when they are taken, or later on through the wonders of WiFi. A nice touch is that they are always displayed sequentially. That is, they will be displayed in the very same way that you have uploaded them, instead of being featured in jumbled order as it is the case quite often with related apps.

It is certainly good that both Facebook and Twitter are already supported. That is, when you upload anything to Pegshot you can always make it crop up in your Twitter or Facebook stream.

One of the next items on the agenda includes making the system compatible with other smartphone platforms such as Blackberry and Nokia. For the time being, both iPhone and Android users can try it out by following the corresponding download links. In Their Own Words

“Pegshot helps you to instantly share the images of your life with the people you care about, straight from your mobile phone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way to share everything while you are on the go, if only because the most important social services of the day are supported by default.

Some Questions About

When are other smartphones being supported? Which ones are being supported first?

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