– Reward Your Customers

Pegmo.comA Chicago-based startup, Pegmo lets companies reward customers for their loyalty. When using Pegmo, companies create rewards for customers when they perform specific actions. These rewards go by the name of Pegs, and they can revolve around actions such as liking a Facebook page or retweeting a message. Prototypical pegs include coupons, discounts and free items.

And a service like Pegmo is also usable by people who do not have a store. For example, bloggers can use Pegmo in order to promote their posts, and make people spread them all over the Internet much faster and easier than by any other way.

The rewards in this case are going to be different from one blog to the other, with music bloggers being able to give away free tickets or music CDs, and those who have blogs devoted to cinema being allowed to offer tickets to premieres and so on.

Pegmo is a free service. You can register without having to pay a thing, and begin running as many promotions as you want (and as you think your punters will be able to connect with at the same time). In Their Own Words

Interact with your friends, favorite businesses and brands by creating, sharing and achieving things that are important to you.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very simple to engage customers, and show them your appreciation for their preference.

Some Questions About

What else can users of Pegmo reward their followers with?