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PeggyBank.comAlthough there are lots of companies that can digitize media and turn anybody’s old and trusty video tapes into more modern formats, a fair share of people aren’t entirely convinced with the way these work. They’re just reluctant to stick some unique VHS tapes into boxes and have them sent by mail to someone they really don’t know, and who might actually be located at the other end of the country.

No, people need something more reliable. Something like PeggyBank.

This Nebraska-based startup enables those who want to have their memories digitized to do it in a fast and secure way. The company mails customers pre-addressed boxes for them to put all the media they need to have converted into them. That can be anything from VHS tapes to photos and even slides and negatives. The way this company works, digitized files are made available to customers right on its site, and the original media is returned once the job is done.

That is, unlike competing services PeggyBank doesn’t limit itself to creating a DVD with the converted files and sending it on its way. No, this company enables customers to get their files online. And once they get them, customers can proceed to have them shared with all their friends thanks to the deposit boxes they get for free. These are named “PeggyVaults”, and in addition to costing nothing they come with unlimited file storage. In Their Own Words

Save your memories.

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Will this service ever be provided to people in countries other than the US?

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