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Peggsit.comWe can define Peggsit as an online marketplace for short-term gigs. On Peggsit, people who need to have their lawn mowed or their furniture rearranged can create a listing to these purposes. Those who feel they can take care of such tasks can simply get in touch with the gig poster, and apply for the job online. The gig poster will then evaluate all the applications that come through, read the reviews that have been written about such applicants, and then pick the one that seems more suitable.


A service like this one is convenient not only for individuals but also for small companies that need some specific jobs taken care of for them. These will be able to post a gig and recruit people who are in their very same area in a really comfortable way. And it must be mentioned that all the gigs that are featured on the site are actually monitored and curated by the Peggsit community itself. Only true and trustworthy content makes it to the homepage. In Their Own Words

Save time and earn money, one short-term gig at a time!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let locals with time on their hands put the skills they have to a productive use, and generate an income.

Some Questions About

In which other contexts could a service like this one be useful?

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