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Peexter.comPeexter is a service that makes figuring out what to do and where to go on any day an absolute piece of cake. Peexter lets people share these things that they enjoy doing best with all those who are also users of the service. The site works by letting people take pics (“peex”) and have them posted on the site, along with the exact location of what has been photographed. Others will be able to do tons of things with what is shared like that, such as commenting on it, booking it and “repeexin” it (IE, passing it along).

More importantly, they’ll be able to say whether they would buy the product in question or not. If they envision themselves purchasing it, they can click on the “Want it” button. And in case they don’t want it but recognize the coolness of such a product, they’ll be able to click on the “Great Pic” button. That should help others make their minds up a lot more easily.

If you’ve got an iPhone, you can get Peexter right now. Android users will have to wait a little more yet. Or go for a service like ThisNext instead. In Their Own Words

Peexter is a free platform designed to help you search, find and share your favorite products and activities. Whatever your favorite is.

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Which kind of products are people sharing more recurrently through the site?