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PeerTransfer.comUS colleges only accept tuition payments in American dollars, and while that is hardly a problem for most of us, foreign students feel otherwise. They are forced to pay either by credit card or wire transfer, and endure unfair exchange rates. And the number of international students in the country is always increasing, more and more each day foreigners are choosing the US as the place in which to pursue their degrees.

As a result, it was only to be expected than sooner or later someone would come with a web service like the one being reviewed right now. is a site that enables students to make international tuition payments with much lower fees and better exchange rates than the ones found anywhere else.

And these services are not limited to the US – the company actually lets people in every corner of the world to have international payments processed through its site.

You can get started by using the calculator that is featured on the main page, and see how much you would effectively be saving if you went for If that rate is good, then you will be able to get down to making the payment itself just by specifying the school that you’re attending. In Their Own Words

International education payments made easy.

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