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PeerPong.comPeerPong is a new Q & A site, and one whose approach is actually quite engaging. It takes Twitter as its starting point, and it works in a way that quite is different from similar resources.


As you know, Q & A sites revolve around questions that people ask generally and the eventual answers that those who are knowledgeable enough put forward. Alternatively, people who are not that well-acquainted with the topic at hand do give their opinion, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The insight of people who are like you is often quite revelatory. Even if the person does not answer the question thoroughly, he might provide you with more than enough food for thought to let you arrive at a satisfactory answer yourself.

That is the way Q & A sites work in most cases. PeerPong, now, does things quite differently. As I mentioned at the beginning, it uses Twitter in order to put questions out. And the truly novel aspect of it all is how questions are spread. You see, they are not sent to just anybody. They are only sent to experts.

PeerPong determines who is who based on his past conversations, and only those who have showcased real knowledge are approached. These individuals are graded on what is called a “PeerRank, and if they register for PeerPong to participate as experts they have a chance to earn badges and also get widgets to solicit questions on their own blogs, effectively joining the race to become the next top gurus. In Their Own Words

“We believe everyone’s an expert at something. So we’re trying to do something really simple – showcase what you know and connect you to experts who can give you great answers.

Connect us to your Facebook or Twitter and we’ll figure out what you’re truly interested in, the topics that intrigue you, and the questions we think you’re the best person to answer. If you use Facebook we can find the friends in your network that are most qualified to help answer any question and give you full control to ask away.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a service, it modifies the paradigm that has always lain at the heart of Q & A sites. If anything, it makes everything more relevant.

Some Questions About

What qualifications must you have to apply (and be accepted) as an expert?

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