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It seems that the community that aims to generate is just begining. But the site’s idea is appealing, so if they keep on the good track, there is great chance that they become a success. Peerdea was created for users to tell the other members of the community what projects they are working on, and get feedback and suggestions about how to carry on with them. It works the other way round also, you can look at projects showed by other members, and post your impressions about them, so that the creator can use them to improve his work.

If you are a game developer, you can post an online version of your game and ask the other members to give it a try and tell you if they liked it or not, or what they would like you to add to make it more fun. Are you learning about photography too? What if you post some of your pictures and get some feedback about them? Comments will always be done in a polite way so that you don’t feel hurt about your creations. Drawings, handcrafts, art, whatever your trade is, you can share with everyone your production. And the result will be one where everybody made a contribution, making it better that the original if you chose to follow the advice you got.
asks you to register to creat an account, in order to avoid spam or malicious messages from anyone. Once you are a member, it is very simple to publish whatever you want to show to the others, which in the site will be called “concepts”. This is to differentiate from the feedback comments, which will here be called “ideas”. Add more light to that picture, put some more action to that flash game, paint that part of the picture with dark blue, will all be ideas given to a concept posted on In Their Own Words

Peerdea is a place for people to post their concepts, and for others to give constructive feedback on such concepts.

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Will they update the page’s design soon?

Author : Charly Zaks

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