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PeerBinder.comGood ol’ Facebook. Between the new timeline and the privacy concerns that have always sidelined it, I wouldn’t be surprised if its expansion rate has slowed down a bit recently. Of course, it’s remaining the biggest site on the Internet for years. There’s no changing that. But there’s no escaping the fact that lots of people would be more than willing to try something different if it came along, something that let them connect with like-minded people and leave it at that. Well, PeerBinder is one such site. It is a streamlined social network where you can make friends by creating channels in order to filter all the people who have got nothing to do with you. These channels can be created for free, and you can then set down the privacy of what you’re sharing there so that people you’ve just befriended won’t access all your data just from the very beginning.

And PeerBinder does without apps. You won’t have to authorize third party applications that you’ll never use in the end, and that could compromise the safety of your data if you forget to delete them manually later. On PeerBinder, what you see is what you get. It’s just you, your channels and your contacts. A far cry from what Facebook has become, wouldn’t you say? In Their Own Words

Bringing like-minded people together.

Some Questions About

What other advantages has this got over already-established sites like Facebook? Is being simpler to use enough to give it a fighting chance?