– Semantic Advertiser Knows What You Want

Peer39.comUsing natural language processing and machine learning, Peer39’s algorithms understand a page’s meaning and sentiment instead of just scanning for key words and plugging in advertising like Google’s Ad Sense. By pulling out the true meaning of any given page, Peer39 is able to deliver the most relevant and effective display and text advertising available and it is a real company to watch over the coming months.

A quick glance at their page shows that their business structure is similar to that of Google’s, where advertisers can buy space and publishers can sell it. The difference between the two, other than the fact that Google is a giant, is that Peer39 offers a solution that would appear to be more sophisticated than Google’s given the fact that the possibilities for targeting are superior. In Their Own Words

“We use advanced SemanticMatch™ algorithms and intelligent targeting to create the next generation of online advertising.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Some argue that the semantic web will soon be known as Web 3.0 and if that is the case, Peer39 could be a real player in this emerging space. They’ve already raised over $12 million in two rounds of funding which has included a significant amount by, amongst others, JPMorgan.

Some Questions About

Are they for sale? Will Google buy them up, or decide to develop their own engine in house.