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Peepsnation.comPeepsnation is the latest entry into the blossoming mobile social networking world. While the website is not yet functional, the mobile website and service is (www.


peepsnation.mobl). You can post a profile, get rated, ranked, upload photos, check out others and of course rate and rank others as well. Some say this is the mobile version of “Hot or Not,” but it seems more like a mobile dating service to me. And once the website is done, it will be both a mobile and online dating service. Right now, the service is being launched on several mobile networks, including Virgin Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and Boost Mobile. The Peepsnation service is free, but you have to pay the data and text fees of your mobile service provider. In Their Own Words

Check out Peepsnation on your mobile handset by going to www.peepsnation.mobl on your mobile browser. It is FREE.

You can browse, rate, rank and tag profiles, check out popular peeps, upload pictures — and meet cool new friends – right from your phone.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A lot of people are addicted to social networking and a lot of people live their lives on the go. Merge those two together and you get Peepsnation. It allows anyone to do a little dating from their mobile device — which may even be a useful tool at work if you need to hide your addictions from your boss and can’t really do these kinds of things on your work computer. It is the natural evolution of the burgeoning mobile tech world, which is basically making our computers into little mini handsets.

Some Questions About

Do people really want to pay the cost of the text/data fees to do these social networking sites on their mobile? Is it functional for a regular cell, or only PDAs? I mean, how much can you see and learn on a PDA about a potential date? Or maybe I just haven’t seen the latest technology. It definitely seems like the wave of the future, but I don’t know if the time is ripe yet.


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