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PedalRoom.comThe appropriately-titled Pedal Room is a social site for cyclists. Here, they can talk with like-minded individuals about bicycles, upload pictures of the ones that they own and have them discussed, and also share their favourite routes.


The idea is that they will find new people not only to interact with online, but also to act as bicycling partners in the physical world.

The site can be browsed using the provided bike search, and also using the featured Google Map to focus everything on the place that you live on. This map lets you see the way in which members of Pedal Room are spread all over the globe, and high density zones are immediately identifiable. Alternatively, you can choose to have a random bike displayed and see who you end up meeting like that.

Joining the site is free, and all accounts come with the same upload and storage capacities. You will be able to show you bicycle to the world in all its splendor by featuring large images, and listing its every spec. In Their Own Words

“Pedal Room is the best place for bicycles and cyclists!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are no other social network sites of this nature available anywhere else.

Some Questions About

Which features are forthcoming?

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