– Social Network for Gadget Lovers

While there is a huge amount of opinion and advice content about electronic gadgets on the web, almost all of that content is available in the form of blogs or forums. PEbuzz offers a new way for users to get and share this information by providing a social networking platform where information and experiences can be shared.

You can ask other members what they think of a product before you go out and buy it or you can search through the site by a product and see what the buzz is surrounding it. To get started, you’ll have to set up an account and then add electronics you own to your own “My Electronics” list and then invite your friends and learn about gadgets or ask people for trouble-shooting advice. In Their Own Words

“ enables people to recommend personal electronics to each other and decide which ones have the most buzz. With the strapline, “Connecting people through technology” PEbuzz is the place where you can: share your experiences or useful information with other people about electronics that you own, find out what other members think about electronics you would like, discover new, unusual and interesting things, meet new friends and discuss the latest gadgets.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This could become a popular place for users to go and discuss electronic gadgets before they go out and buy them. It could also become a great place for receiving free advice from product owners.

Some Questions About

This is another social network with no evident business model. Will they be targeting you with advertising depending on the electronics that you place in your “my electronics” section of the profile? If they are pursuing this type of business model they could be widely successful due to the fact that members are probably going to be the type to go out and buy a new gadget every time a new edition is released.