PdfVia.com – Share PDFs Easily

PdfVia.comSharing PDF files can be tough. Not only are they bigger than most files, but sometimes email inboxes get clogged and they bounce back, not allowing you to send the email.

How to fix that? Well, there’s Pdfvia.com.

This site will allow you to send “large” PDF files (not that large, really, only 15mb). What’s the point? Well, once you upload the file, you’ll get a link. This link can then be sent to anyone who needs access to the file, making it easier for everyone to download it. You can even add a password, to further protect the PDF file you uploaded to the site. It’s a great way to share files with co-workers, but it can get a bit slow.

Upload and download speeds aren’t that great, so if you’re sending the bigger files, you might want to stick to Gmail. Overall, it’s a great alternative to the usual PDF file sending methods.

PdfVia.com In Their Own Words

“Use the form below to upload your PDF to PDFvia.com. Once you upload your PDF, you will be given a link that you can send to your colleagues or clients, without the worry of clogging anyone’s inbox.”

Why PdfVia.com It Might Be A Killer

It’s useful if you send a lot of PDF files. Otherwise, you might want to shy away from it.

Some Questions About PdfVia.com

Do people’s email inboxes get cluttered anymore with all the extra storage that’s available for free? Doesn’t this make this site useless? PdfVia.com