– Monetizing Online Games

PayoutHub.comProgrammers and coders that have put together a game of their very own and who are trying by all means to make it explode all over the Web and displace Farmville are going to make the best out of this site. In essence, it is a portal whereby they can create tournaments and lure people in.

The one aspect that will make people become interested won’t actually be the challenge of squaring up to others, too. It is going to be that they will be competing for cash.

The one requisite for a game to be given this online treatment is that the game has scores. If it doesn’t, then it is impossible to have it featured since determining who did better becomes immeasurable.

The site subdivides itself in two main sections, and these are accessible from the main page: one geared towards gamers, and another which is aimed at developers. The former will be able to see what challenges are forthcoming and what the rewards are, whereas the latter will be allowed to monetize their already-created products and imbue them with a new degree of excitement. In Their Own Words

“Hi! We’re PayoutHub – and we help people earn money from online games by making cash tournaments easy and fun.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Online games are being mined constantly, and services like this one highlight exactly why – the amount that there is to be earned has no limit.

Some Questions About

What are the fees that apply?