– Pay Your Lease Online“Your property payment connection” is the tagline of the PayLease website, and this is an accurate description of the services on offer. Through this site the user has the resources to manage all his residential, commercial and homeowner association needs.

The products that the company specializes in are described on the site under the corresponding heading. As far as property managers are concerned, the products on offer go by names such as PayMaster, PayPortal, PayExport and PayDirect. These make for accepting online payments and processing them quickly. Moreover, a tool that makes for instant screening is available for property managers alongside a service termed “AppPortal” which enables said individuals to accept applications for lease via their own websites.

For its part, residents can have their pick from a set of tools that includes PayLink, AutoPay, PayTel, ExpressPay and PayHistory – a collection of resources that effectively covers every angle of the lease-paying process. For instance, those who don’t have an Internet connection can make their payments through the telephone, whereas the ExpressPay tool enables the user to make payments at any time of the day (quite handy when the rent is due the next day, and it is necessary to process a payment quickly).

The company itself has its seat in California, and it currently serves more than 50 different States. If you need further information make sure to direct your browser to and browse through this neatly-arrayed website. In Their Own Words

“PayLease is the most cost effective solution to streamlining the process of lease collection. Through technology and years of experience in the residential and commercial property industry, PayLease has created a one-stop shop to manage all of your residential, commercial and homeowner association needs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides tools that cover every aspect of the lease-paying process in a convenient way for all concerned parties.

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What other States will be covered in the future?