– Alternate Payment Options is an alternate payment options processing service that allows Web merchants to reach consumers worldwide, as the market savvy and resources allow this site to accept the most locally widespread payment options available in Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Asia and Eastern Europe.

The site works on the assumption that not everybody around the world owns a credit card, and thus by only accepting credit card as payment, web merchants restrict a very large audience, and also, at taking advantage of what’s locally prestigious, merchants do not have to do any marketing investment, and rather choose whatever payment method they trust. There is also a big plus which regards the fact that many of these payment options are non-reversible, ensuring Web merchants freedom from fraud. The site presents a list of their customers so that prospective merchants can see who are the big names that have trusted this company, which include none other that Skype and Sony. Also, merchants get benefited as it is customers who get charged for using non-traditional payment methods.