@Pay is taking Buy Now, Pay Later to the future with cryptocurrency integration

With the growth of eCommerce comes plenty of convenient ways to shop, pay and save, including Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) and cryptocurrency payment options that give consumers greater flexibility and control of their finances. More payment options are great for merchants, too, allowing them to improve conversion and reduce online cart abandonments and credit risk to help their businesses grow. For anyone who loves the added benefit and convenience of paying with digital currencies or BNPL, now you can do both (and more!) all with @Pay.

@Pay is a first-of-its-kind, global decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that integrates Buy Now Pay Later, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain/smart contract technology to offer comprehensive commerce solutions for shoppers, merchants and marketplaces. With @Pay, you can access more payment options, realize significant cost savings, and earn rewards while you shop, all on one platform.

In addition to @Pay’s BNPL feature, which allows you to make four interest-free payments toward your purchases over three months, the app lets you pay with any approved cryptocurrency via your own @Pay wallet. Earn rewards for your purchases through a program designed to ensure that all contributors in the ecosystem benefit.

The @Pay platform is powered by its unique @Pay token, which you can earn and use toward higher purchasing limits or to vote on proposals that will continue to shape the direction of the platform into the future. @Pay tokens can also be used to shop in merchant stores.

Here’s how it works.

For users:


  • Stake Your Currency:  Stake an approved digital currency and earn a yield over the selected term. You’ll also receive @Pay governance tokens as an added bonus. Hold, transfer and stake your crypto holdings through the integrated wallet in the @Pay app. 



  • Shop & Earn Rewards. With @Pay, approved users can purchase online or in-store from merchants on the platform. Once approved, you will have the option of paying with either the @Pay BNPL payment solution or you can use any of the approved crypto assets in your digital wallet. Paying with BNPL additionally earns you @Pay tokens once your payment is complete.


For merchants: 

    1. Governance Tokens. Merchant partners of @Pay receive Governance tokens that can be used to vote on initiatives that will shape the future of the platform or to buy promotions and marketing to help incentivize shopping and grow their business. 
    2. eCommerce Solution. @Pay allows merchants to access the $2.2 trillion and growing currency class, taking shopping solutions into the digital future.


  • No Credit Risk. With BNPL, every sale is paid directly to the merchant in full, instantly. @Pay takes care of the rest.


Ready for more? @Pay is taking eCommerce solutions to the digital future to benefit shoppers, merchants and the entire market ecosystem. Visit https://atpay.io/ to learn more and receive updates on our launch!