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Paxful Makes Buying And Selling Bitcoin Seamless

Bitcoin has been lauded as the currency of the future. Not controlled by countries or banks, the digital currency is accepted at some online and brick and mortar businesses alike. It’s a favorite for people who don’t trust world banking systems, libertarians, and for folks who are ready for a currency that’s controlled by people, not corporations.


Paxful is one website where you can buy and sell bitcoin, in any currency. It’s a global peer-to-peer marketplace that enables “peers to exchange value between each other for profit and savings globally.”


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Let’s get one thing out of the way: Money is the root of a lot of problems. Whether it’s earning it or saving it or transporting it or making more of it, money causes issues pretty much at all points in the chain. The goal of Paxful is to give people an easy, fair, and safe way to manage their money, using the most open currency in the world.


Even for first time bitcoin buyers, the site is super simple. You just tell them how much bitcoin you want to buy, click on “GIVE ME THE BEST” and the site will bring up the best seller for what you’re looking for. Once you’ve reviewed all of the pertinent information regarding the seller and the payment info, you can start the trade. Paxful then holds the bitcoin in escrow while the seller walks you through the process. The seller can’t take back the money until the countdown window hits zero, which will only happen if you don’t click “Mark as Paid” before the trade auto-cancels.


Every transaction also results in more points added to your and the seller’s profile, helping boost your reputation on the site, which will help you in future trades.


Are you tired of getting ripped off by banks and payment processors? Ready to get on board with the currency of the future? Head over to Paxful and start trading bitcoin today.


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