Pathways – Web Research Just Got A Lot Smarter

Compared to the days of phone books and library stacks, we can search for information incredibly fast. Still, this doesn’t mean that there’s no room to improve research.


Students, teachers, journalists, company employees – we spend a lot of time tracking down information. Often we follow the same trails over and over again. We might share tips and leads with one another, but mostly we collect information individually.


Pathways wants to improve web research for everyone by creating the first collaborative library of web results. So, instead of search histories disappearing, Pathways keeps a record of a search journey. You can then save yourself time by reusing a path and share your search path with others.


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Say you’re still hunting for a piece of news or having a hard time locating a site someone else told you about. Pathways can make suggestions to improve and speed up a path. With Pathways, there’s no wondering where a colleague found something or asking that person for a site address again; you simply follow the path.


It’s easy to get bogged down by the sheer volume of information available online. Being able to find what you need efficiently is essential. Creating and storing the perfect paths collectively saves everyone time.


Using Pathways is free of charge and doesn’t require any installations. You add a button to the bookmark bar in your browser and you’re good to save sites relevant to your search path. Pathways gives you the option of creating a search avenue privately, publishing anonymously or publicly. Naming your pathway makes giving directions to other a cinch.


Since all good research depends upon sharing findings, be it for a class report or professional publication, sharing a pathway saves so much time that documenting sources usually requires.


For businesses, Pathways presents unique opportunities – to offer sponsored placements along a path or create internal pathways that allow employees to work together more easily, for example. Learning what pathways a company’s website has been included on also provides insights into what others are thinking about a company or where traffic is coming from.


Are you sick of wasting time visiting sites irrelevant to your web search? Frustrated by conducting similar searches to others when sharing efforts could easily avoid redundant work? Want to improve your team’s collaboration? Learn more about how you can sharpen search and connect with others at


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