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PatentExpress.comPatent Express is an interesting solution that was created for individual inventors to file a U.S.

Patent Application. These applications are part of important but boring paperwork you need to get done before you are recognized as the original creator of an invention.

The main reason this solution exists is because it is essential for creators to protect their inventions without having to go through a endless process.

This solution was created by Raj Abhyanker, a very experienced and recognized U.S. patent attorney who has already gone though hundreds of patent applications for a wide variety of companies, startups, and individual inventors. is a simple system that will tell you everything you need to do in a simple way so you just need to think about your next invention instead of wasting your creativity figuring out how to do the paperwork.

In case you are the type of people that prefers learning through images you will be happy to find a number of free videos with tips about how to protect your intellectual property.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a service that will give you a consistent and safe way to organize and file your U.S. patent applications, being guided step-by-step by expert U.S. patent attorneys, this is the right site for you to stop by. In Their Own Words

“Patent Express is a service for inventors and corporations to prepare and file U.S. provisional and utility patent applications at a low cost through a guided workflow. Patent Express is designed for beginning inventors and the workflow is designed to be easy and straightforward to follow.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This solution will be attractive to people that are capable of creating new things but can’t endure filling forms.

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