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PastPosts.comPastPosts is a service that can let you relive your past, in a way that you are sure to find accurate and insightful. This service can go through all the posts that you have made on Facebook, and then create daily emails showing you what you were doing one year to the present date. All it takes is to give the service access to your Facebook account. That will be it. You will start receiving daily emails, summarizing your Facebook activity day by day.


PastPosts stands as a true window into your own past. A service like this one is going to let you remember not only what you were doing one year before, but also let you recall how you were using Facebook back then. Because the fact remains people tend to change the way they use services such as Facebook and Twitter. Something like PastPosts can pinpoint patterns that have long vanished, and that people remember nothing about in the present time. And that can actually be as enlightening as the actual content that was posted to begin with. In Their Own Words

We use facebook to compile a personalized blast from the past. Each morning you’ll get an email letting you know what happened this day last year.

Some Questions About

What about a service that does this for Twitter? Is that a good idea, or would the nature of Twitter not lend itself to something like PastPost that well?

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