KillerStartups – Launching Tasks From Your iPhone

Pastefire.comA new iPhone app, Pastefire will empower you to immediately act upon information that you have sent from your desktop to your iPhone. For example, using this app is very easy to call any number that you have found on any classifieds site or paste any link into a SMS.

Granted, services such as these might not radically change your life but they will enable you to save up some precious minutes that (at the end of the day) can turn out to mean that more hour of sleep.

Using this app is easy enough, as you simply add a bookmaklet to your browser that is then employed to capture media and send it to your iPhone for you to do what you wish with it. A nice touch is that the app can already become aware of common actions and help you save even more time as a result.

The app itself is free from now, and it is not clear to the programmers whether or not it will remain like that for too long. Hence, if you want to try these functionalities out now it would be a good time to do it. In Their Own Words

“Desktop-to-iPhone smart copy/paste for everyone.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you simplify actions that could take several steps, and carry them out more efficiently.

Some Questions About

Will it be worth an eventual price tag?

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