– Share Your Passwords After You Die

PassMyWill.comWith the importance that sites like Facebook have come to have in people’s lives, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a service like PassMyWill – a service that lets users create a will for all their online assets and passwords.

This service works in a logical-enough way, as users are allowed to store all their passwords, only to have them released to their trusted ones in the event they pass away. This is verified in a thorough way, of course. PassMyWill checks your activity on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and it also looks at what others post on your wall. When PassMyWill is convinced that you are gone, then it sends your next of kin all your handles and passwords, for them to takeover.

Using the service also involves picking an encryption key that the recipient would know (IE, your social security number, or the phone number of your first home). But that’s it, really. You just choose who you want to receive your passwords, and you’ll have the assurance that if the worst comes to happen then your loved ones won’t be left in the cold. In Their Own Words

Will your passwords to your relatives if you pass away.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t a service like this be integrated with one like Dying Message?